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Dealer Testimonials

These are just a few examples of recommendations I have received from dealers that Conover Auto Sales Training has worked with.   If you want to get similiar results, please contact me today at (410) 726-5033 for further details.

If you are looking for a outstanding professional who cares about the salesmen he trains, look no further.  Jere Conover is a true pro!!  He has conducted many recruiting programs with our dealership with an average of  18 new salespeople.   I am extremely happy with his results and will highly recommend him to any dealer.

John Randazzo, VP, Bayside Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep/Kia, Bayside, NY

  "Jere is one of the most dynamic sales trainers I have ever met.  When I needed salespeople at Patterson Chevrolet, Mahwah Pont-GMC and Chicopee Chevrolet-Cadillac...I knew who to call to get me the most properly trained salespeople around. He loves his work in changing the image of salespeople.  As a General Manager working with GM dealers, I highly recommend Jere when you want the best"

John Cavaleer, GM, Chicopee Chev-Cadillac, Chicopee, MA

"I have meant alot of sales trainers and consultants and Mr. Conover impressed me with his devotion and professionalism.  He gives 100% and ties his training program  with ours to make it complete.  If you are looking for a pro with dedication and committment, give Jere a call and you will be glad you did."

Anthony Stocchi, Freehold Ford, Freehold, NJ

"Mr. Conover has helped Liccardi Ford, LM, Chrysler with recruiting salespeople.  He is a real professional and has produced some of the best salespeople we have on staff.  Immediately, they become  top salespeople producing between 15-20 units their first month! We have tried to recruit and train on our own but it ties my managers up plus we don't get the results which Jere does.  This definitely is the way to go!

Kevin Liccardi, Dealer, Greenbrook, NJ

Great success!  Jere goes above board on training new recruits.  We are very happy with the results and will highly recommend to other dealers.

Tim Ames, GSM, Hall Nissan

We have used Jere on numerous recruiting programs and would highly recommend him and AutoMax.  We have had some real top performers come out of his classes. He is a real professional who cares about his students and their future.

Greg Pollice, GM, Coleman Pontiac-Buick-GMC, Lawrenceville, NJ

I have known Jere for over 20 years and he is a true professional!  He recruited and trained 15 people in the last class and we were impressed with all of them.  Contact me anytime for a reference!

Dave Burrell, Millennium Auto Group, Durham, NC

What a great trainer!!  I was really impressed by his delivery and professionalism. He will be the only trainer we use in the future!!!

Glenn West, Patterson Chevrolet,  NJ

We always use Jere Conover due to his professionalism and results.  We have salespeople trained by Jere reach the top 10% on the board within a month!!  If anyone needs a reference, just call me anytime.

Ken Childress, GM, Cavalier Ford, Chesapeake, VA

I get so many trained salespeople to choose from at the end of his classes.  We have had tremendous results and use Jere on a regular basis for our recruiting programs.

Larry Sandow, GSM, Caldwell Toyota, Caldwell, NJ

Highly recommend!  Gave Jere two other dealers to contact which I feel can use his professional training services. 

Bruce Catterton, Wilkins Buick, Glen Burnie, MD

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