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Jere Conover Training Salespeople
Conover Auto Sales Training & Consulting conducts sales training for Automotive, Marine and RV dealers.

We recruit and train inexperienced salespeople, train existing salespeople, train the trainers and set up more effective selling programs. Our new recruits average 15-20 + units their first month!

To be the BEST in the business you must have the very BEST salespeople available on your staff. When times are tough, they will come through consistently, and increase your bottom line.

Find out why 15,000 dealers nationwide have used our services to increase their bottom lines!

What the Dealer Gets:
  • #1 Sales Trainer
  • Highly Motivated Fresh Salespeople
  • Salespeople Taught to Follow Instructions
  • Salespeople with Great Attitudes
  • Highly Energized Salespeople and Who are Ready to Produce
  • Committed Salespeople who Paid for Training
  • Continual Availability and Support

What the Student Gets:

  • 3 Days of Professional Training
  • State of-the-art Training Manual
  • Workbook
  • Handouts
  • CD Training
  • Discount on Training Books, CDs, etc.
  • Interactive Training at Automaxtraining.com
  • Weekly National Teleconference Training
  • Quarterly Updates
  • Support at All Levels
  • Free Placement Assistance Available anywhere in US
  • A New Career
  • $60,000 Plus Opportunity
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