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Student Testimonials

These are just a few examples of the letters my students have forwarded to me after completion of the sales program.  If you want to get similiar results, please contact me today at (410) 726-5033 for further details.

Freshly Trained SalespeopleIt's amazing how incredibly motivated I became with every hour of these training sessions.  Jere teaches his students with the utmost professionalism and always keeps the most positive attitude, which without a doubt rubs off on his students..This training has been a life changing experience  and I couldn't be a  happier person.

Steve Cabrera, Coleman Pontiac, NJ


The three-day sales training hosted by Cavalier Ford, Chesapeake, VA, offered much more than just professional training.  After hearing and watching Jere , I believe that I not only have the confidence, motivation, and discipline that I need for a career in Auto Sales, but also the tools I need to reach any goal I set for myself.  I cannot say enough about Mr. Conover's committment to an honest, professional and success driven training method.  His attitude and behavior left me wanting to "hit the lot" after the first 8 hours.  I recommend Jere to anyone looking for an outstanding Sales Training session that really nets results.

Brad Billman, Cavalier Ford, Chesapeake, VA


Jere is by far the best trainer I have ever seen and learned from.  By putting me in his class, he boosted my confidence and make me believe in myself.  Jere could not be more honest, committed, motivated and confident in his training.

Anthony Falco, Freehold Ford, NJ


Up to this point, I had no real knowledge on what the car industry was all about.  Taking a chance and attending this program has changed my life.  I say this because life is all about attitude and my attitude has completely changed thanks to Jere.

Elmy Perez, Chiccopee Chevrolet, MA


I have been through plenty of training programs and seminars in the mechanical end of the auto business but none of it has been as fun learning as the opportunity I have had being a part of this program.  Jere has already changed my life...he is definitely the perfect guy for a trainer, maybe even the best if you ask me personally.

Teage Baker, MA


"I admire the committment that Jere Conover has in helping each and every person  in training.  He honestly believes in each and every one of us that graduates.  I think that gives all of us the motivation to succeed".

Tara Macauso, Bennett Chevrolet, CT


Jere is the Tom Clancy in disguise!  Start off slow, lay the groundwork and work several angles to bring it all to a boil at the very end!  Can't wait until the next book comes out.  The motivation and client develpment was priceless!  Thank you for changing my life.

Bruce Cook, Cavalier Ford, Chesapeake, VA


"I believe if I take what I have learned from your highly motivational seminar and apply it with a new-found commitment I can achieve a goal that was unreachable to me last week. Never have I attended a seminar so career and success oriented as this on

Carl Wade, Coleman Pontiac-Buick-GMC, NJ


Jere's committment and professionlism in his training, he has instilled in me and I believe each of the other students, a confidence and discipline needed for success in selling automobiles.  His attitude and motivating style have made this training a real pleasure and value in our pursuit of a new career in the the auto industry.  He has challenged us to be the "best of the best". 

Daniel Harris, Cavalier Ford, Chesapeak, VA


""Mr. Conover's training method of cultivating client development made a big impression upon me and has given me the confidence to achieve whatever sales goals I set for myself.  I honestly believe that the three days with Jere will mark the turning point in my life and put me on the road to a bright and successful future"

 Bobby Brooks, Patterson Chevrolet,  NJ


I just wantedto give a brief mention of the stimulating and informative experience that I have enjoyed the last three days with Jere Conover.  Jere has made a profound impression and impact on my decision to pursue an automobile career.  His teaching style and his sharing of selling techniques were presented in such a positive manner that it has made me very anxious to begin.  His presentation was spiced with humor, his knowledge of the subject matter was complete and his ideas on networking and client development were nothing short of genius!  Jere gives the confidence that you can't lose.  He is a real money-maker!!!

Jerry Hallal, Chesapeake, Va


"Jere has taught me that a positive attitude is a cornerstone of success in sales and that motivation and adherence to the training material will result in a salesperson meeting his personal and business goals along with developing a client database"

John Nolan, CT

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