Students and Dealers Rave About
Conover Auto Sales Training!
'I have been through plenty of training programs and seminars...but none of it has been as fun learning as the opportunity I have had being a part of this program.'

--Teage Baker, Student, MA
'Jere is one of the most dynamic sales trainers I have ever met...I know who to call to get me the most properly trained salespeople around.'

--John Cavaleer, GM, Chicopee Chev-Cadillac, Chicopee, MA
'...Taking a chance and attending this program has changed my attitude has completely changed thanks to Jere.'

--Elmy Perez, Student, Chiccopee Chevrolet, MA
'It's amazing how incredibly motivated I became with every hour of these training sessions...'

--Steve Cabrera, Student, Coleman Pontiac, NJ